Estate Management and Business Development Co Ltd Trinidad and Tobago

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EMBD’s main function?

The Estate Management and Business Development Company Limited was established by the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (GORTT) as a wholly owned State Enterprise with a mandate to manage and develop lands formerly owned by Caroni (1975) Limited, and to stimulate and facilitate activities in the following areas:

  1. Agricultural Estates
  2. Residential Estates
  3. Industrial Light Manufacturing
  4. Commercial Complex

In 2009, the GORTT added agricultural lands to EMBD’s portfolio to manage and develop the agricultural sector to optimize growth and development, in a manner which ensures consistent sustainable development for the socio-economic benefits of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

What is Land Management?

Land Management is the management of all aspects of the land including the formulation, implementation and monitoring of land policies, the enactment of land legislation, estate management activities, and maintains information for land resources management and national land use planning.

What is a head lease?

A head lease can also be called a superior or master lease. It is a lease to an entity that will subsequently grant leases to sub-lessees who will be tenants in possession. A head lease is usually for a longer term than the sub-leases.

What is a sub-lease?

This is a separate lease granted by the entity in possession of the head lease whereby the whole or part of the property is let to another person. The length of the sub-lease must not be longer than the unexpired part of the head lease.

What are the processes the EMBD has to follow before it can develop residential sites?

The EMBD has to first receive Statutory Approvals from Town and Country Planning and Development, Fire Services, Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA), Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC), the Regional Corporations and the Director of Surveys.

Upon the receipt of approvals, the EMBD develops the land by laying out the infrastructure for water, electricity and sewage lines. The developed land will be given to the Housing Development Company (HDC) to distribute in accordance with the State’s policy for distribution.

What are the steps involved in obtaining approval to start construction of my home?

You must apply for permission from Town & Country Planning Division (TCPD) to construct a home. This application must be accompanied by the plans for the house, as well as your title deed to the land.