Estate Management and Business Development Co Ltd Trinidad and Tobago

Estate Management


Estate Management is the operation of all commercial, residential, industrial or agricultural lands. It involves the processes, systems and manpower required to manage the life cycle of all acquired lands including the acquisition, control, accountability, maintenance, utilization and disposition.

Land and property is finite in supply, meaning the amount of land does not change. Therefore this land needs to be properly managed to facilitate the sustainable development of the land and the use that can be obtained from it.

In May of 2008, Cabinet instructed that all Agricultural State Lands be transferred to the EMBD through head leases for a period of 200 years. The EMBD is also responsible for issuing sub-leases to individuals and companies with the approval of Cabinet.

The company was  also mandated to manage certain quarries – sandpits and yellow boulders, and to provide security against squatting on all Caroni lands. By Act 25 of 2005 the EMBD is now the Manager of Orange Grove Estates.

The EMBD also manages the development of agricultural estates and residential sites. Through the Estate Management Division, the  EMBD will undertake the management of these lands in accordance with public policies and objectives.