Estate Management and Business Development Co Ltd Trinidad and Tobago

EMBD’s Vision, Mission Statement and Core Values


The EMBD’s Vision

“To be the leading agency in the management and development of Agricultural state lands while facilitating specified areas of business agreed to through collaboration with the key state agencies in a manner that provides professional, transparent and ethical services to all citizens”

The Mission Statement

“To develop systems for the management of State agricultural lands for the socio-economic benefit of the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago through an efficient, committed and innovative team”

The EMBD’s Core Values:

  • Professionalism – accurate, timely and courteous response
  • Integrity – all operations capable of withstanding scrutiny
  • Quality – provision of service as defined by customer requirements
  • Transparency – open to scrutiny by all stakeholders
  • Equity – equal access to information
  • Equality – equal treatment of all internal and external customers

Professional services delivered with Integrity and Quality in a Transparent and Equitable manner based on the principle of Equality of access for all citizens.