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Root Crops King

Ramdeo Boondoo is considered TT’s King of root crops.

Local Farmer Ramdeo Boondoo

Local farmer Ramdeo Boondoo

This title was bestowed upon him by fellow farmers as a result of Boondoo’s substantial and innovative production of root crops. Mr. Boondoo has also received a special award from the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands and Food Production for his work in root crops.

Boondoo who resides at Palmiste, Longdenville, is a former Caroni (1975) Limited employee and a recipient of a VSEPed 2-acre parcel of agricultural land in the Waterloo area. Boondoo plants cassava, sweet potatoes, dasheen, eddoes, yams and tannia for commercial use. However, the yams and tannia are not normally grown for commercial use.

At 61 years, he has been into farming since the age of 13, and has used agriculture “to take care of his family and make a decent living”. Boondoo has used the services of the agricultural research department of the University of the West Indies to develop strains of root crops that make for better resistance to diseases, better yields and “certainly a more palatable taste.” In particular, he is proud of what he has done with the new strains of sweet potatoes and yams which he considers his trade secrets, but stands ready to “share his knowledge with all for the benefit of enhanced food production for the nation.”  He said that tannia as a root crop is a good source of food, but is on the brink of extinction. He is working hard to bring it back as a favourite dish.