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New Land Information System for Trinidad and Tobago

CONTRACTGroundwork to  create a new, more comprehensive and relevant Geographic  Information System  (GIS) –based on Land Information System  (LISTT) is underway.

This GIS initiative of  the Ministry of Food Production Land and Marine Affairs (MFPLMA),  Land Management Division,   is being administered by EMBD.  The  new system is expected to be much broader in context and content encompassing all State Lands in Trinidad and Tobago.

The LISTT is scheduled to be implemented over a three year period  and three phases . Some specific objectives include:

  • To quantify and locate all parcels of land throughout the country
  • To determine the current use of each parcel of state land
  • To match site allocation and selection to applications
  • To improve revenue collection from State Lands

These objectives are expected to improve the overall management of State Lands throughout the country.

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