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Know your boundary!


It is important to know the position of your boundaries for many activities. In cultivating land it is crucial to know the extent of the land parcel to avoid cultivating on your neighbors land. Originally intended for land valuation and taxation, today cadastral or boundary surveys are mainly used for solving boundary disputes. A legal boundary deals with the precise separation of ownership of land. It is an invisible line dividing one person’s land from another’s. It does not have a thickness or width and usually, but not always, falls somewhere in or along a physical boudary feature such as a road or drainage channel.

In large sub-divisions, particularly in those involving agricultural use, it is not uncommon for boundary markers to be disturbed either through accident or on purpose. Therefore, upon pointing out of the boundary of the parcel of landby the landlord, it is the responsibility of the land owner or lessee to maintain and preserve the locations of such corner markers to avoid conflicts with neighbouring lessees. The replacement of such markers incurrs a significant cost therefore, all efforts should be made to aviod boundary marker removal. Only a Licensed Land Surveyor is authorized to conduct boundary or cadastral surveys in Trinidad and Toabgo. Further, it is an offence with a maximum fine of $10,000 to remove a boundary marker.

The EMBD, as landlord, is currently charged with the management of several agricultural sites on behalf of the State. These sites are:

  1. Jerningham Junction, Cunupia
  2. La Paille Village, Caroni
  3. Felicity, Chaguanas
  4. La Fortune, South Oropuche
  5. Edinburgh, Chase Village
  6. La Gloria, New Grant

As a landlord, the EMBD isrequired to point out the boundaries of each two acre plot to the lessee. In fulfillment of its responsibilities, the EMBD has undertaken a systematic re-demarcation exercise to show lessees the specific boundary markers that constitute the lessee’s plot of land.

The benefits of re-demarcation of boundaries :

  • It is necessary to meet the legal requirements for issue of title
  • Assist tenants in finding the specific location of their plot
  • Minimizes encroachment issues between adjacent lessees
  • Simplifies and makes for a cost effective means of future redefinition surveys
  • Builds a cadastral base for the country

Recently, re-demarcation of plots at Jerningham Junction, Caroni, Felicty and Edinburgh areas have been completed and tenants shown their respective boundaries. The La Gloria and La Fortune sites are in the process of being prepared for demarcation. Upon completion, respective tenants will be invited on specific dates and times to be shown their boundaries. Upon completion of the pointing out of the boundary, tenants are required to sign a form indicating that the boundaries have been shown to them. Persons not attending such appointments will have to contact Caroni (1975) Limited to be shown their boundaries.

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