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Agricultural Access Roads Rehabilitation Programme off the ground

The agricultural access roads in the Orange Grove East and West Estates were among the first to be rehabilitated as part of the Agricultural Access Road Rehabilitation Programme. The rehabilitation of the access roads at the Orange Grove Estates will help farmers to transport their crop and carry out their livelihood with greater ease and efficiency. One of the key objectives of this rehabilitation programme is to increase farming activity, which would in turn bring economic and social benefits for the country. Samlal Chaitram, President of the Orange Grove East Farmers Association, expressed his appreciation:

‚ÄúThis is a job well done, we got the drainage we wanted. The farmers are totally satisfied with the quick response from the EMBD and the ASTT (Agricultural Society of Trinidad and Tobago). We many years we were waiting to get the roads fixed and within two months after talking to the EMBD and the ASTT, we got results! The workmanship is also excellent.”

Agricultural Access Roads at Orange Grove East Estate – Before and After

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